FS: Amiga 4000 040 + P2 etc etc etc

FS: Amiga 4000 040 + P2 etc etc etc

Post by Al » Sun, 10 May 1998 04:00:00

Amiga 4000 full 040 25mhz
Workbench 3.1 - Rom 3.0
16 megs Fast RAM + 2 megs Chip RAM
880 meg HD (2 IDE`s 1 x 540, 1 x 340 meg)
Picasso II+ 2meg Graphics Card
Microvitec 1440 Digital Autoverscan Monitor
1 Internal 1.76 Floppy
2 External 1.76 Floppy drives
keyboard, mouse etc

Huge boxed (manuals) software collection including:
Final Writer 5
Wordworth 7
Datastore 2
Organiser 2
Magic Workbench
Magic User Interface (MUI)
Amos Professional
Easy Amos
Deluxe Paint IV

Games galore  including:
Silent Service II
Gunship 2000
Combat Air Patrol
Falcon F16
Red Storm Rising
Knights of the Sky
Wing Commander
Frontier Elite 2
Space Shuttle
Fields of Glory
Reach for the Skies
Battle of Britain
Flight Simulator II
Pacific Islands
Gulf War
etc etc etc etc

Also huge collection of Amiga magazines
plus Mastering AmigaDOS 3.0 volumes 1 & 2

Offers for the lot around 725 + mark
May consider splitting if A4000 goes

Call Alastair
Tel: 01932 224327
or email me.


1. Amiga 2000/040/Toaster/TBC/etc, etc etc $1000 LOOK

I am selling the following items..

Amiga 2000HD
     2mb Chipram
     68040 Accelerator
     20mb Fastram
     2091 SCSI Controller
     60meg SCSI HD
        44meg Syquest with extra cartridges
     3 Ext.880k Floppys
     Video Toaster2000 w/ 3.0 (maybe higher)
        Sony Monitor with both RGB and NTSC connections
        Personnal Recorder Hard/Software
More software than you can image...if its Amaga graphics related, its probably
there...on system and packages.....way to much to list.
I can't remember 1/10 of what I have for this system, hardware and
software...but its a BIG bundle

buyer pays shipping


Louis Markoya


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