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        forum for people developing applivations using
        AmiTCP/IP or AmiTCP/IP itself. That is: to support
        developers with their problems. It is not intended for
        end users mainly because of the nature of the discussion.

        However, we provide something for everybody: a AmiTCP/IP
        update and applications list. This is for
        non-developers, to who just using AmiTCP/IP. Information
        of new distributions and applications as well as FAQ:s
        are mailed to this moderated list. This list is not
        for discussion but as a "Product Information"

        Everything that is mailed to user-list is also posted to
        newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.datacomm or .announce,
        depending of nature of posting. Also the same material
        is mailed to developer list.

        If you want something to apperar in user list then mail


        If you use AmiTCP/IP and don't regularly read
        comp.sys.amiga.* groups then user-list is for you.

        If you develop software for networking, then
        developer-list is for you.


        Just reply to this message or mail to


        it WILL BE REJECTED. We do not want to be *, just
        maintain good S/N ratio on amitcp-list. Thanks.


        These lists are provided "as is". This means that lists
        may be closed for reasons not yet known. We hope, that these
        lists stay.

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