Transputer Cards for Amiga Zorro II or Zorro III bus

Transputer Cards for Amiga Zorro II or Zorro III bus

Post by mcr.. » Wed, 16 Sep 1992 23:35:11

This is a repost - I'm looking for information about suppliers of
Transputer cards for CBM-Amiga Zorro II or III slots.

The last information I have is from an old (1990) copy of AC's Guide to the
Amiga. I have had several requests for copies of any information I receive
so I will be posting summaries to these groups.

Anyone with any information (even rumours) please e-mail me at one of the
addresses below. (given in order of frequency of checking)

 Angus M. Marshall,

 Phone: (+44 382) 308000 ext. 2265 or (+44 382) 308600    \\ //
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1. Zorro II cards in Zorro III slots?

        Hmmm, I did consult the various FAQ I found about the Amiga,
        and did not found an answer to this question:

        Can I use my old Zorro-II cards (from my A2000) in my A4000
        Zorro III slots without risk ?

        I mean, I don't care to find out that the card does not work
        in the A4000, but I would not want to burn any chip...  I'd
        like to know about any side effects also.

        My cards are: GVP SCSI adaptor, Serie-II
                      GVP IO Extender card.

        Any help will be appreciate.   (Hmmm, if GVP have an Internet
        address, I could also ask them!   Any body knows about such an
        address ? )


 Eric Labbe                       SysOp of Amiga-Zone (514) 482-1339

 Computer-Analyst (B.Sc)          Employer: CAE Electronics Ltd.

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