Stopping intuition drawing the window bar

Stopping intuition drawing the window bar

Post by Magnus By » Tue, 18 Feb 1992 21:40:51

I open a custom screen and then to read input and recive events I open a
borderless window, the problem is that I need to use the full area of the screen
(including title bar area) and when the window is activated/deactivted intuition
draws the topbar of the window and so messes up me screen, how do I prevemt
this for happening.

Also, on a 2.0 machine how do I use the workbench sleepy pointer ( the clock thing)

Please reply by email if possible,



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1. Drawing images in intuition. HELP!

I need help.  I am trying to learn Amiga programming through
Inside the Amiga with C (Waite Group) and

..short aside..

This is a terrible book.  Do not buy it.  NONE of the programs work
as written.  Most of the errors are pretty stupid and easily fixed
for someone who knows C, some are not.  Why am I still using it?
My local bookstores don't carry any others and I need a little more
handholding than the RKM's offer.

..aside off..

I cannot get this program to work, however, simple though it is.  Could
some kind soul tell me (email please, I am sure most other people on the
net know the answer) why the borderless window pops up but nothing gets

#include <exec/types.h>
#include <intuition/intuition.h>

struct Window *NoBorder;
struct RastPort *r;

USHORT imagepts[]={     0xffff,0x4ffe,0x3ffc,0x1ff8,
                        0x1ff8,0x3ffc,0x4ffe,0xffff };

struct Image picture = { 0,0,16,16,3,NULL,0x0001,0x0000,NULL};
                               /*  ^ I also tried 1 here */

        ULONG flags;
        SHORT x,y,w,h;
        VOID OpenAll();
        int i;

        OpenAll();   /* Opens up intuition for me */


        NoBorder = (struct Window *)

                /* Creates a window with several boring characteristics */






This is basically what is in the book, nothing of substance has been changed.

I suppose I should add that the program compiles without error.

Thanks in advance for erasing my ignorance (or at least the part of it
extending to images).

Alan Morgan

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