FORSALE:Misc hardware, ethernet, LIVE!2000

FORSALE:Misc hardware, ethernet, LIVE!2000

Post by Anthony Campbe » Mon, 09 May 1994 20:51:45

LIVE!2000 multiple input framegrabber, $200

DKB Insider II, internal 1.5 meg RAM-clock board for A1000,
  0k RAM installed, uses 256kx4 DIPs, $60

Spirit SIN500-2, internal 2 meg RAM board for A500,
  0k RAM installed, uses 256kx4 DIPs, $60

MIDI interface, ECE for A1000, $30

Interworks I-Card PCMCIA Ethernet for A600 or A1200, $200
 (networking software not included)

68881 PGA mathco, 16mhz, with crystal, $35

68881 PGA mathco, 20mhz, with crystal, $45

Monitor switch box, 2 CPUs (D23 pin) -> 1 monitor (6 pin DIN), $40

Cable, Parallel for A1000, $10

WICO Trackball, unmodified, $20
Atari Trackball, NEW, $20
  (cannot use as mice unless modified)

Prices DO NOT include shipping charges.

Offers and trades considered, looking for:

2065, A-Max, 2320, GVP Spectrum (1 meg OK), 2024 Service Manual,
256x4 DIP RAM, Studio, Helm, Hyperbook, Supra Turbo28, Scala #?, or ?