FS: Monitor: NEC MultiSync 2A

FS: Monitor: NEC MultiSync 2A

Post by Daniel Schmi » Sat, 09 Nov 1996 04:00:00

For Sale:

NEC MultiSync 2A monitor.


This monitor works quite nicely, but there are several things of which you
should be made aware.  The 15-pin VGA connector has been replaced with a
23-pin Amiga connector.  Depending on the machine/screenmode that you are
using, you will probably need to fine-tune the internal bowing and color
balance controls.  Note also that this monitor does NOT support 15khz
(PAL/NTSC) video modes.

I am truly looking to get rid of this beast, so feel free to make me an
offer.  Please contact me via e-mail or voice phone, not UseNet.



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