An Invite to The Project '96

An Invite to The Project '96

Post by Daniel J. O'Conn » Wed, 06 Nov 1996 04:00:00

You're invited to an Amiga, C=64, and PC demo competition to be held
at Flinders Uni between 13th-15th of December. It's brought to you by
The Student Computer Society(SCS) of Flinders University.

There will be Demo and Music competitions, so email

(Mods should be shorter than 5mins - well, we'll stop listening after 5
unless its really cool, Demos should be shorter than 10mins)

Each architecture gets its own lecture theatre with a 250" screens and
bass thumping sound systems :)

We will also be having a Quake competition, so get practising!

The price is $15 for SCS members, and $20 for non-members this
includes entry into the individual Quake competition.
The team quake competition will have prize money raised seperatly, so
email me if you're interested.

Hope you can come!
Daniel O'Connor


1. Be,Inc CEO has a 'Amiga 96'license plate..

Jean Louis Gassee, the former Apple Products President and now head honcho at
Be, Inc has a 'Amiga 96' license plate to show the philosophy behind the Be
box.  So the Amiga was the insprination behind the BeBox design.  

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