Forsale: 1084-D Amiga monitor forsale (price reduced)

Forsale: 1084-D Amiga monitor forsale (price reduced)

Post by Mubashir Chee » Wed, 11 Mar 1992 12:23:16

   I need to sell my 1084-D VIDEO MONITOR .
   Accepts RGB analog, digital
   Accepts composite video input.
   Just excatly what you need for your video work etc etc.
   It is in excellent condition
   I am asking $165 + shipping for it (firm)



1. Forsale : Amiga monitor (1084-D)

  I have a 1084-D monitor that I am looking to sell.
  It is in excellent condition.
  Can be used as video monitor, TV etc
  I am asking $165 + shipping for it.
  Thanx in advance.

I can be reached at (601) 325-5985

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