Second try - why all these gurus?

Second try - why all these gurus?

Post by Ronald Park » Thu, 23 Jan 1992 05:13:34

Well, I haven't seen a reply to my first question, so I'll ask again in a
more specific manner:
Why can't I load Psygnosis games on my machine?  I have five of them, and not
a single one will load.  This is not a problem with the games themselves, as
they all load fine on other machines, but on my machine they bomb with guru
numbers 3 and 4.  Lemmings, for example, always bombs with guru 4:00000000
right after the "Psygnosis presents" screen.  I have removed all expansion of
any kind from my machine, and it still doesn't work.  I have a A500, Rev 5
motherboard, 1.2 ROM (KS 33.180, WB 34.28, though of course the WB doesn't
matter to Psygnosis stuff) and standard Fat Agnus.  I have tried reseating
all of the chips to no avail.  In the past, I have replaced both CIA chips,
the Paula chip, and the 75188 line driver chip.  What could be causing these
guru messages?  Do I have to replace Gary?  Should I just upgrade to the 1M
Agnus?  Please help.

I'm only a student.  That's why I'm allowed to say these things.  Staff can't.

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