FORSALE::A2088 XT Bridgeboard

FORSALE::A2088 XT Bridgeboard

Post by Jon Granro » Thu, 28 Feb 1991 03:29:58


 - A2088 XT Bridgeboard
        w/5.25" drive
 - software and manuals

very light use in A2000, great condition.

asking $250.00US.

Email or phone at (408)4295822.
If you responded ot this message earlier and didnt get a reply from me,
please contact me again as I lost that mail.


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1. FORSALE: A2088 XT Bridgeboard (Nec V20) -> $55 + ship

Like the subject says:

It has a NEC V20 so its a little faster than stock and comes with manuals
cables, drive, dos, ****AND**** JANUS 2.1**** (Janus 2.1 alone cost about $35)

I'll ship 2nd day air for $55 plus $2.90...

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