1 MB A4000 Simms

1 MB A4000 Simms

Post by Calvin Dale Chitwo » Wed, 05 Oct 1994 13:59:28

I have two 1MB 70NS SIMMS  I recently pulled out of my A4000 and replaced
with 4MB ones.  They are up for grabs at $60.00 for the pair, including
first class priority mail to anywhere usa.  Both work fine.

Thanks -Dale


1. Trouble with 16 MB 50 ns PS/2 SIMM in A4000/030

Hi there,

some  weeks  ago, I bought a SIEMENS 16 MB 50 ns PS/2 SIMM. I thought of
using it as 4 MB SIMM until my CyberStorm MK II arrived (have not got it
yet).  I  already  had  2  pcs.  4  MB 70 ns SIMMS in my Commodore-A4000
Desktop (68EC030) (one by NEC and one by Mitsubishi).

Since I planted the SIEMENS SIMM in, I experience trouble such as random
crashes {1} of CPU intensive software which had never crashed my machine
before,  like  JPEG-6a.  So I first thought: SpeedRamsey, bus load, 70ns
SIMM,  and  switched  off  SpeedRamsey.  Anyhow,  my  machine  continued
crashing  every now and then, then I checked the memory after some hours
of  use  for  30 minutes - no faults. Then I moved it to the 4th socket,
thus  it  is  not  AddMem()ed, as it is sited from $7000000 to $73fffff.
Checked it again, again no faults.

So what is it? Is the 50 ns too fast, is something wrong with refreshing
or maybe are the additional 2 address wires in undefined state, randomly
being  seen  as active or inactive, thus selecting the wrong memory page
from time to time?

Anyone who can tell me? Thanks in advance.

Anyone  who sees mistakes in grammar, spelling? Please feel free to mail
me. Still learning...

{1}  note:  Guru  codes  change from crash to crash. Sometimes 80000006,
sometimes  8000000B,  sometimes  80000004.  Always tasks which reside in
that 16 MB SIMM.


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