Post by Matt Condo » Sun, 06 Dec 1992 14:26:25

The battery in the clock in my A501 would seem to have died...
I'm suddenly getting the message "Battery Backed Clock Not
Found" when I boot up my system...  Does anyone have any idea
how I go about replacing the battery in this thing?

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These questions I think are FAQS.  I am using WB2.05 and I'm unable
to find a reason for random software failure of the RAM process &
a slow internal (w/512k mem expander) clock.
I remember talk about the clock problem, maybe about
the RAM problem on this or another amiga group.  I really don't understand
why RAM would be failing (8000 0003 - suspended crashes the machine and
gives 8000 0004 or 8000 0005)? and random times at that!

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