Marc 'who am I' Barrett.

Marc 'who am I' Barrett.

Post by Jim Dr » Mon, 07 Feb 1994 05:20:06

Boberg) writes:

> >BTW, a stock A4000 does indeed beat the Quadra 950 and Centris 660AV
> >machines in all mathematics.  The routines are 15% slower than the 840AV
> >machine.  Not bad considering the 840AV is a 40Mhz machine with memory
> >nearly 10 times the speed of the A4000.
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

>   Uh!? Sure, the A4000/040 has two waitstates, but TEN times faster?

Unfortunately, this is true.  The 840AV uses 40ns 64 bit interleaved
memory that is tied directly to the processor, clocked with 040 timing
cycles.  The A4000 (originally designed for an 020 board) is clocked with
020 cycle timing.  If you pop in an Excaliber board, the memory speed is
more than 5 times faster using the same SIMMs from the A4000's

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