A2091, V6.1 ROMS, 40MB HD

A2091, V6.1 ROMS, 40MB HD

Post by George S Rolan » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 02:54:10

   I needed more HD space and recently upgraded my A2500HD to a
Dataflyer and 530MB HD, so I am offering this combo for sale: an  A2091
controller, with V6.1 ROMS, and a Quantum 40MB HD mounted on the card.
    This combination worked fine in my machine except that sometimes, on
startup, the machine would not autoboot from the HD and "asked" for a
floppy boot disk to be inserted.  To handle this, I would turn the
machine off, wait 30 secs. and startup again.  Once the system booted
off of the HD, it worked fine for the rest of the work session.  I don't
know whether this behavior is due to the controller or to the HD.
    I will consider all offers.  Buyer pays shipping.

George Roland


1. WANTED: v6.6 A2091 ROM Chips + HD Support Disk v1.3


I recently added another HD to my system and to my dismay, I discovered that
I have revision xx-4 controller chip on my A2091.  I am in need of the fix
for the problem: The system freezes when the two SCSI devices try to access
simultaneously.  According to a prior posting, I read that I need the
following to fix this error:
390722-02            IC ROM Rev 6.6 ODD  (U12)
390721-02            IC ROM Rev 6.6 EVEN (U13)
317806-05            DISKETTE, A2091 INSTALL V1.30

Is this all I need or is there another fix?  If it is, where can I get hold
of these items.  The C= dealer in our city closed shop several months ago and
there just isn't anyplace else.  Does C= themselves deal with the public as thisis a problem of theirs.  Thanks!


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