Post by Sean - Curt » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 12:07:38

Does anyone here know if some manufacturer has plans to come out with a
PCMCIA SCSI card? I think there would be an enormous market among 1200 and
600 users alike who have their trapdoor slot already filled. I don't care
if it's only SCSI-1, and if it isn't DMA. I just want to be able to hook up
the occasional Tape drive, CD-ROM, Removable, Scanner, etc.

I asked about this at the last Show in Toronto, and the guy practically
laughed in my face. (He was apparently the designer of the PCMCIA ethernet
card.) He said the production costs would be too high on such a device.
I don't see why this would be the case. None of the technology involved is
really cutting-edge, and there is a definite market out there.

Any info?




Post by Bjorn Stenbe » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 18:07:17

 > Does anyone here know if some manufacturer has plans to come out with a
 > PCMCIA SCSI card?

  Well, AST Computer (clone maker) claimed in a product info sent to our company
about a year ago they had SCSI cards, Ethernet cards and 2400 and 9600 bps modem
cards all ready to plug in and go.
  I faxed them with some questions regarding the different cards and how someone
would go about getting programming specifications for them, but they never replied
and I forgot the whole thing.

        -- Bjorn



1. CompactFlash (PCMCIA) SCSI card reader has arrived

Hi All

A ew of you asked me to keep you upto date with the progress on new
Minolta PC10 SCSI PCMCIA card reader.

While it arrived today :-)

1. I can see it on my SCSI list  :-)  
   But could not see a card. So OK
2. Quickly converted my ZIPPC: mountlist to CARD:.

Here it is: - from 2 heads to 1 to half the capacity - good chance of
being wrong I know.

 * PC-IBM compactFlash - Disk Mountlist

Priority = 10
Flags = 0
Surfaces = 1
SectorSize = 512
BlocksPerTrack = 64
Reserved = 1
PreAlloc = 0
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0
HighCyl = 1535
Stacksize = 4096
Buffers = 60
BufMemType = 1
Mount = 1
MaxTransfer = 0xFFFFFF
Mask = 0xFFFFffff
GlobVec = -1
BootPri = 0
FileSystem = L:CrossDOSFileSystem
DosType = 0x4D534800

/* The Device and Unit fields are controlled
 * by tooltypes in the icon.
 * Device   = scsi.device
 * Unit     = 3

3. So OK now I see a CARD: :-)  But the CARD: is reported as
unreadable. OK. But the CARD: automatically appears/disappears on
insert/removing it. Good. :-)

I shall go away and fiddle. Any ideas from you guys are welcome. BTW
the card is MSDOS formatted I believe (But the Sandisk booklet says do
not format on Win9x, format in your camera !?)

Cya Illya

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