Game Programmer -- The Dreamers Guild -- Los Angeles, CA

Game Programmer -- The Dreamers Guild -- Los Angeles, CA

Post by John Bolt » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 02:09:14

The Dreamers Guild is looking for programmers with experience in
developing games for the PC or Mac. Strong C and some assembly
experience is required. Unix experience is a plus.

The Dreamers Guild is an established multimedia entertainment company.
We offer an open, cooperative, and creative environment where
motivated people can advance and learn the many sides of the industry.
We currently have several games out (Inherit the Earth, Celebrity
Poker, ...).  Take a look at them to see what we are about.

DO NOT SEND EMAIL. Send a resume to

        The Dreamers Guild
        9810 Owensmouth #1
        Chatworth, CA 91311

        FAX: (818)349-5830


1. Amiga acquires 'cult' status in Los Angeles

Here's a bit of interesting advocacy:

(posted without permission -- apologies to David Joiner, the author on Bix)
(begin quote)
I as at a science fiction convention this weekend (BayCon), and one of the
thing I noticed is that there was an amazing number of Amiga-related
conversations running around. Even two of my friends that work at Apple are
considering buying Amigas. I wonder if the ultimate fate of the Amiga is to
become some kind of "cult" computer, that people keep secretly at home so that
they can be "cool"? This was certainly the the impression I got from all the
people who use Macs and PC's at work, but have an Amiga at home because it's so
much more fun.
Another thing I noticed recently: In _MicroTimes_ I saw something that I
have never seen in the Amiga's entire history: A major music store chain
(Goodman Music) _Advertising_ the Amiga in their ads! Even in the heydey of
Music-X, I _never_ saw any music stores carry Amigas, they always had Atari's
instead. They've got one deal where you get a bare A3000 for $999, then another
$2999 deal where you get a fully-loaded A3000 with the SunRize board and a
bunch of other stuff.
(end quote)


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