FS: BMON switch (BVision/Scan Doubler Switch)

FS: BMON switch (BVision/Scan Doubler Switch)

Post by David Batema » Sat, 20 Jan 2001 20:09:52

I have a BMON switch which i have hardly used, allows you to switch
between your BVision output and a scan doubler output to your VGA

Useful when you need to use non gfx card screens.

Complete with fitting instructions.

Offers please.


EZTower/Amiga A1200/OS3.5/MorphOS
64MB/PPC 603e(200-040)
2x2.16Gb HD/8x CD-ROM/PortJnr/USR 56k/250MB ZIP
17" SVGA/BVisionPPC/CGX v4.2(pre 7)


1. Scan Doubler+Flicker Fixer & BMON Switch

I have a BMON switch & Scan Doubler with Flicker Fixer which i bought
from eyetech at the end of august, i no longer want either item so i
am looking to either sell them, or SWAP them for a 4.xGb 3.5" IDE HD.

Interested, email ASAP.

EZTower/Amiga A1200/OS3.1/50Mb/PPC 603e(200-040)
2x2.16Gb HD/8x CD-ROM/PortJnr/USR 56k
17" SVGA/BVisionPPC/CGX v4.1

Panasonic A310 DVD Player (USA)

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