Thank You CBM

Thank You CBM

Post by Marv Gord » Wed, 28 Oct 1992 15:25:00

Over the past 7+ years CBM has been criticized both justly and unjustly in
all forms of the media (including the PC networks).  There are the
extremists that say CBM can do no wrong and the opposite end that says
CBM can do no right (can you say Marc Barrett or Jeff Glatt?).

The consensus has been that CBM Engineers are undoubtedly among the finest
to be found.  Most say that upper management often *s the creative
genius in this group.

The consensus has also been that CBM Marketing is on the opposite end of
the scale.  No brain no gain.  This perception is surely the most difficult
for CBM to overcome.  However, personal experience tells me that CBM
Marketing is getting a bum rap.  Over the past 12+ months CBM has taken a
much more aggressive approach to marketing the Amiga in the United States.
The current print campaign has targeted the MS-DOS/MAC world.  CBM has been
advertising in PC WEEK, INFO WORLD, COMPUTER RESELLER and many other
well known magazines.  CBM has become much more vocal in defending the
Amiga when unjustly bashed as well as defending columnists unjustly bashed
by Amiga users.  CBM is also revitalizing its support of the Amiga user
groups all over the country.  A very positive step.  This all leads me
back to the subject of personal experience.

I don't want to spill any beans so I will be kind of vague here, but I
want to publicly thank CBM & Ketchum Advertising for allowing me to be part
of one of the up coming "pieces" promoting the Amiga.  There are 3 other
users out there that will also be involved.  We are not hired actors, but
real life users that will be highlighting four important areas of success
using the Amiga.  I have seen the "prototype" of this "piece".  It's
top notch stuff people.

I also want to publicly thank CBM for listening to my idea and going out
of THEIR way in supplying me with shall we say "material" for an up coming
project that will benefit both the Amiga and my company, BlueLine Software.

Thank you Mona Liss and everyone else in Marketing.
Thank you Tom Hayowyk of Kethcum (i know i butchered your last name!).
Thank you Cathy Godfrey in CATS.

NO company is perfect, but let's give credit where credit is due.  It's
time to start giving some credit to CBM.

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1. Thank you CBM


 MG> BlueLine Software develops and markets software for IBM System/370 to
 MG> 390 range of mainframes.  We are quickly becoming a leader in the
 MG> areas of performance and productivity software for VM, VSE and MVS
 MG> systems...

Would that mean that we'll get THAT kind of quality software...mmm I just
THINK that I want to get on your mailing list (read: I believe that I'd be
VERY VERY VERY VERY interested on the projects that you'll be
porting/creating on the Amiga ;-)

I'll send you mail with my address, please keep me informed!

-- Via DLG Pro v0.995

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