A2232 Info needed (Programming)

A2232 Info needed (Programming)

Post by eric van dijk » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I'am writing a device driver for the A2232 Serial card.
But before i can continue, i need some extra info/doc's.

I have the system schematics, but i'am afraid thats not enough
info to start programming, i'am looking for docs that tell me
how the amiga communicate's with the 65CE02 and how the 65CE02
talks to the 7 ACIA's (6551).

Greetings, Eric.

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1. C= A2232 7 Port Serial Card -Info needed

Hello folks, I've aquired an old Commodore Multi-port Serial Card.
I'd like to get it installed and running, unfortunately it came without
the almighty and propriatary adapter cables. From the post i've seen over
the last few years, it seems i'm not alone, for whatever reasons.

So i'm looking for any info any and all of you have gathered, in order
to hack myself some cables to get this puppy working. If you have any info
or you've hacked yourself a cable, please send it my way via E-Mail.
Hopefully we can get enough info together, for creating some cheap solution
to this problem, and get a FAQ together to help out those who might be in the
same boat in the future.

Thanks all,

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