WTB: 040, 060, or PowerUP card for A3000

WTB: 040, 060, or PowerUP card for A3000

Post by DawgTo » Fri, 12 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I'm looking for an accelerator for my Amiga 3000.  Let me know if you got one
for sale.  Thanks.

1. FA: A3000, A3000-T, 040 and 060 cards, ethernet cards, graphics cards 2 DAYS LEFT!

Two days left on these choice items:

I've posted eleven (11) eBay auctions for Amiga hardware items.

The items are:

Amiga 3000 Desktop REV 9.03, super clean, no problem machine
Amiga 3000 Tower - "The King"
Commodore 2065 Ethernet Card for ZorroII
Amiga AriadneII Ethernet Card (hard to find)
Amiga CyberVision 64 Graphics Card
Amiga GVP Spectrum Graphics Card
Amiga External 3.5" Disk Drive 880k (no bids yet!)
Amiga CyberStorm MkII-060 Accelerator Card
Amiga WarpEngine 3040 Accelerator Card
Amiga Melody 16-bit Sound Card ZorroII
Epyx 500XJ 2-button Joystick w/Autofire (rare - no bids yet!).

Each is a separate auction.  All close on May 16, 2000.

To view them, you can just go here:

They are all located in eBay's Computers:Hardware:Amiga category.

Note: I am selling these items for a Canadian friend. All items are located
in Ontario, Canada, and will be shipped from there.  Bids are welcome from
Canadians and USA residents only. Items will be shipped ONLY to USA or
Canadian addresses.  The only acceptable form of payment is Postal Money

The friend for whom I am selling these items is a former Amiga retailer - he
knows Amigas inside and out - all of this hardware has been tested and in
working condition.

Happy Bidding! :)

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Go here for info or to join: http://www.amigazone.com
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3. FA: A3000, A3000-T, 040 card, 060 card, graphics cards, etc. on eBay..

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5. FA: A3000, A3000T, 040 and 060 cards, Graphics cards, etc. on eBay!

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