Wanted A500 SCSI controller + Ram or slingshot + ZorroII SCSI + Ram

Wanted A500 SCSI controller + Ram or slingshot + ZorroII SCSI + Ram

Post by Jamill » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 18:51:34

As the title reads.  I need a scsi controller and ram expansion for a 500.
I would prefer a ZorroII card with a slingshot (if possible two slot one)
or a 500 only unit.  

If you have either a:

Slingshot ZorroII connector
500 SCSI + Ram controller
ZorroII SCSI + RAM controller

Mail me back with an offer.
James Miller


1. Trade: SCSI controller & RAM board for SIMM-using RAM board

 HAVE TO TRADE:  (1) Supra WordSync SCSI controller
                 (1) Supra RAM board (8-meg capacity, 2-megs installed)

 WANT TO TRADE FOR:  (1) SIMM-based RAM board (unpopulated is fine)

 REASON FOR TRADE:  I have 4-megs in SIMMs I can't use! I recently
replaced the WordSync with a Trifecta controller because my old (SCSI) HD
died, and I got a good deal on an IDE drive.

 If you're interested in this trade, PLEASE mail me at:

                                            (Jason Simpson)

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