FS:Various Amiga Bits

FS:Various Amiga Bits

Post by Graha » Tue, 02 Jun 1998 04:00:00

   Amiga Format Cover CD's 1 to 23 complete all in Perfect Condition
   50 ono

   Amiga CD-Rom's, Amiga Magazine cover disc's 10 in total
   20 in boxes Mint condition.

   Amiga CD-Roms various Approx 25 Disc's total including Aminet,
   Games ,Utilities Disc's , Sharware PD 65 ono All Boxed & in
   Good Condition.

   Various Amiga Bits Sold as Spares 2 x A1200's, psu's,
   several mouse's  Joysticks etc  45

   Amiga External Disk Drive 880k Good Condition 25

   12v External Set of Amplified Speakers 10

   Goliath 200W Amiga Power supply VGC 30
   Works with 500/500+/600 or 1200 Fan Cooled
   With throught port for Monitor connection
   & Has 12v output Sockets fitted 30.00

   Computer Disc Boxes approx 8 different sizes 2 each..
   or 15 for the lot

   Amiga Various connecting leads Monitor/Parnet/Scart/Hard Drive/
   Phono's etc etc 5 each others available.

   4mb 72pin simm 5.00 Suit PC or Amiga.

   Amiga Magazines approx 40 all recent Good condition


1. FS: Various Amiga Bits (US)

I have some miscellaneous Amiga bits and pieces for sale or trade. This is
all stuff that I accumulated by chance and have no real use for. I haven't
really tested any of it, but I THINK most of it works. I don't really want
alot of money for it, I just don't really want or need it anymore.

I have:

1 Squirrel SCSI interface - Software. In box. No manual.

1 PP&S External Framegrabber - power cable. Nothing else.

1 Magni Amiga Video Interface Genlock - 2 cards and external switch box.
Switch box is missing a couple of button caps. I have no software for
this, nor do I have any cables. I'll GIVE this to anyone even remotely

1 Gen/One Genlock - For All Amiga Computers. I have the manual, but no
cable to attach it to the Amiga. According to the guy I got it from, you
can order the cable from the manufacturer.

1 A2090 Hard Disk Controller - Fully functional.

1 AT 286 Bridgeboard with 5 1/4" floppy drive. No software.

1 Imprint Series Adapter Box Version 3.0 - I have no idea what this is
for, but I have one, if anybody is interested.

1 3 button optical mouse and pad - No software. Pad is in fair shape.

1 or 2 miscellaneous joysticks

I also have some Cd 32 games I no longer want:

Super Putty
Trivial Pursuit

I have some Amiga software on disk for sale, as well:

Nova 9
King's Quest IV
Space Quest I

The thing with this software, is that I have the disks with me, but the
boxes and manuals are at my parents' house. It'll take me a little longer
to get this stuff out.

I really don't know what to ask for any of this stuff, so make your best
offer. I prefer prepay, but if you have a real problem with that, that's
fine. We'll work something out.

I am looking for a few things in trade, if any of you happen to have them
and want some of my miscellany. I'm willing to include cash in any deal.
Of course, if you just want to SELL me any of this stuff, I'm willing to
listen to those offers as well. :)

CD32 games (tell me what you have)
a surf squirrel
a beefy A1200 powersupply
An ethernet card for an A3000 or A1200, preferably 10BT
any RAM upgrade cards for the A3000
IDE drives bigger than 1.0 GB
A nice external scsi case (with cooling fan)



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