Where is the new War Wizard game?

Where is the new War Wizard game?

Post by Joshua Dinerste » Fri, 05 Nov 1993 16:58:59

        Hi all.

        Did the newest version of War Wizard ever come out across the AmiNET?
I have been looking for it but have not managed to find it anywhere...



1. Wizard Of War for Amiga?

Yes. You did read right! Im looking for Wizard Of War game for amiga.
I've played that on C64 and that't one of the best two player games i've
ever played. If someone has got Amiga version of this excellent game
that is PD or Shareware could you please send it to me as mail.

- Marko Turunen

Marko Turunen                      

P. 971 - 2821 661

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