MONTHLY POINTER: Amiga related mailing lists

MONTHLY POINTER: Amiga related mailing lists

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[This is an automatic monthly posting from the mailing list maintainer]
[Last changed February 1st, 1994.]

Welcome to the Amiga related mailing lists at FUNET,
the Finnish University & Research Network!

Currently four Amiga related mailing lists are available and information
on how to subscribe to the lists using the automatic mailing list server
is given below.

                For discussion on the X windowing system and
                X-related software on the Amiga, like the free
                DaggeX server.

                For discussion on the Mach operating system kernel,
                and the Amiga port of it.  The people on this list
                also have an interest in the GNU Hurd, which will
                probably be the first operating system run on
                Amiga Mach.

                Announcements regarding upgrades and new versions of
                the Amiga port of the GNU C compiler, GCC, are made
                on this list.

                This is a technically oriented lists for people that
                work on the Amiga version of GCC itself.  People not
                interested in the compiler internals should not
                subscribe to this list.


    (Below, substitute the name of the list of your choice for LISTNAME).

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    so you can both subscribe and unsubscribe to them simply by sending
    e-mail to the mailing list server, or mailserver program.  You can

    described below.  Please use the mailserver rather than the address

    you can, so that human list management work can be minimized.

      If the automated way of doing things doesn't work for you for some

    instead, and I'll try to solve your problem manually.  Please NEVER
    send subscription or unsubscription-requests to the address

    subscribers of the mailing list.

To unsubscribe from a mailinglist, send e-mail like this:

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>    unsub LISTNAME

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If you do not receive mail from the list at least once a month, you
may have been silently removed from the list.  This can happen
whenever your e-mail address stops working for some reason (a common
problem is to set up mail forwarding from machine A to machine B and
from machine B to machine A so as to make a mail-forwarding loop).  So
if you don't receive anything for five weeks, you may want to 1) check
the mailing list to see if you're still on it (see below), and 2)
Resubscribe using the usual mailserver sub command described above.

To receive a list of all names on the mailing list

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>    review LISTNAME


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