Pace 56 Solo owners - Beta testers required

Pace 56 Solo owners - Beta testers required

Post by Oliver Robert » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

If you own a Pace 56 Solo modem, then read on...

I am in the process of porting Pace's 56 Solo firmware/flash upgrader
to the Amiga (previously only available for Windows).  Although it already
appears to work without problems on my system, I need a group of users to
test it for me to make sure there are no compatibility or other problems,
before it is released.


 1. You will obviously need to have a Pace 56 Solo modem.
 2. An Amiga equipped with at least a 68020 and 2Mb free ram.
 3. A backup modem or easy access to a PC capable of running the PC version
    of the Pace 56 Solo upgrade package.  This is necessary in the unlikely
    case of the Amiga upgrader trashing your Solo (i.e. hasn't happened to
    me, yet).
 4. You will need to run the Amiga upgrader and report back to me with
    any problems that your encounter.

If you are interested in beta testing the Amiga upgrader, please mail me
*directly* with the following information:

  - Your name and e-mail address
  - Amiga Model (e.g. A1200)
  - CPU/Speed (e.g. 68060/50 + PPC 603e/240)
  - Total Memory (e.g. 16Mb)
  - Serial Port Type (e.g. internal, Surf Squirrel, Whippet, HyperCOM, etc)
  - if using the internal serial port, specify which device driver you use
    when using your Solo (e.g. serial.device, artser.device, etc)
  - Current firmware version of your Pace 56 Solo modem (can be checked with
    the ATI4 command via a terminal program)


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1. Pace 56 Solo Upgrade

Announcing the first public release of the Amiga version of the Pace 56
Solo upgrade utility...  This will allow you to update your Pace 56 Solo
modem with the latest firmware.  Now available for download from:

Note: This software is only compatible with the Pace 56 Solo, and *not* the
Pace 56 Voice range of modems!


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