FS:Nice Toaster 4000 system and A2000 system

FS:Nice Toaster 4000 system and A2000 system

Post by Rich Beachl » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 23:28:55


Amiga 2000
2 meg RAM (Commodore expansion card)
Fat Agnus w/1meg chip RAM
Hard Frame SCSI controller w/40 meg drive
Keyboard, mouse


Amiga 4000 Toaster system(built as a Toaster)
1 internal HD floppy
1 external DD floppy (California Access CA-880)
20 meg memory
2 meg Chip RAM
GVP 4008 SCSI card
Internal Syquest 88 meg drive
4-88 meg cartridges & 1-40 meg cartridge
Emplant deluxe card (serial + SCSI)
Toshiba XMS5201 CDROM Drive (external SCSI)
Sync Strainer (switches between high scan (31.4 kHz),
  normal scan (15.7 kHz) and genlock modes w/ multisync monitors)
Brand new 1084S (Stereo) monitor
NEC Multisync II monitor (older but in good condition)
All the Cables and Toaster/Lightwave 3.5 software

The Toaster system is nearly brand new. It has seen less than 80
hours use total. Most of the inputs and outputs have been connected
once (or less!)  and are in fantastic condition. The person I am
selling this for bought it to do Lightwave stuff and ended up not
using it after a very short period.

I'm taking offers here first before sending it to EBay.
Best REAL offer gets either unit, but I reserve the right
to refuse ridiculously low offers. Offer me enough for
the Toaster and I'll toss in the 2000. I'm not greedy,
make me an offer.

Buyer pays actual shipping charge. (I'm in Iowa)


Rich Beachler