keep Commodore advocacy in comp.sys.amiga.advocacy

keep Commodore advocacy in comp.sys.amiga.advocacy

Post by davi.. » Sat, 25 Jan 1992 01:03:23

The following rot belongs in this newsgroup, not in

Subject: Re: Atarians! Where Are You?!
Summary: Atari sux
Date: 23 Jan 92 07:12:33 GMT
Organization: University of Washington, Seattle
Lines: 45


>Please tell us all how this is posible with Standard A500 or is this
>the Reason that the Amiga does not have very many DTP programs..??

I suppose you don't consider PageStream 2.2 a DTP program???  Don't they
even publish it for the toy atari?  Of course the Amiga's is one version
HIGHER than yours.

The Super Denise chip that is now included with new A500's sold in Europe
(and soon to be in the states also) gives Productivity mode which displays
640 X 480 flicker free on ANY VGA type (or multisync monitor).  This means
a user can go out and buy an $89 paper white mono VGA and use it with his A500.
The Super Denise can be had for about $55 for older A500's  ($55 + $89 STILL
adds up to less than the price of a new toyari monochrome - in case you  can't

Quote:>Also I here that the sales of A500 + is now gone minus, they are all taking
>them back as they can't play games on this new machine any more..??

Kinda like the monstrosity known as the STe???  TOS 1.06 hardly runs anything!!
Also, how many of your ST GAMES run on your beloved TT??

Quote:>And were are all your PD C compilers, this main Amiga chaps here don't
>seem to know much about them..

The amiga doesn't NEED a PD compiler.  There are still publishers that
support us!!  

Quote:>Also have you thought that we have better things to do with our
>machines than to spend time chatting on the net...:-)..

Since the Amiga is a TRUE multitasking machine, we can do more than one thing
at a time.  Try THAT with your ST!  (and don't even bother mentioning
multigem....  That's about as good a multitasker as switcher is on the Mac)

Also I guess keeping an eye out for some loser who will buy your 'computer'
keeps the average Atarian pretty busy too!

And MY goddamn pointer never has flickered EITHER!!!  In Fact the ONLY
non-flickering pointer I've ever seen on a toy atari is when it is running
under Spectre!   Heh heh heh.....


"The most important fact about Spaceship Earth: An instruction book didn't come
with it." -- R. Buckminster Fuller


keep Commodore advocacy in comp.sys.amiga.advocacy

Post by John Bicke » Sun, 26 Jan 1992 06:53:15

> >And were are all your PD C compilers, this main Amiga chaps here don't
> >seem to know much about them..

    This is quite false. You'll get nowhere fast trying to argue with this
    person, who has a fundamental understanding problem.

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