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Hi Oliver Smith, how are you

27-Mar-94 15:04, Oliver Smith wrote to All
          Subject: GCC/Dice

 OS> b) Is there anywhere I can get a libamiga.a/libamy.a {pref. for 2.0+}
 OS> Or would someone be willing o mail me one?

libamy.a is included with 2.3.3 version of Gcc. You can find it on
Aminet CDs or on latest FreshFish CD.

Philippe BRAND

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1. GCC/Dice

:I've just read through most of 242 messages in this area, and can't
:find any posts that actually answer to of my questions; Here they are:
:a) Where can I find an archive of the latest shareware/freeware version
:of Dice C? I don't mind paying a shareware or contributional fee, but
:I'm not exactly up to buying a C compiler right now. Especially after I
:spent last night downloading GCC only to find that I need libamiga.a
:which, as far as I can gather, requires prior ownership of amiga.lib.
:If I had this, chances are I'd have a C compiler, right? :)
:b) Is there anywhere I can get a libamiga.a/libamy.a {pref. for 2.0+}
:Or would someone be willing o mail me one?

    You can obtain the *Freeware* version of DICE, 2.06.37, from
    idiom.berkeley.ca.us in pub/amiga, the file freedice206_37.lzh



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