Wanted: Hardframe.device

Wanted: Hardframe.device

Post by ZaPh » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Or Stardrive.Device for RDPrep.  I used to own RDPrep until I had a
rather * headcrash.  I've just got hold of a couple of PC IDE hard
drives and I need to re-prep and partition them...

If you have got them, then can you mail them to me?


ZaPhOd at Staffordshire University.

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1. HardFrame/2000 with external SCSI devices

Have anyone had any success in connecting external
SCSI devices to a HardFrame/2000 SCSI card? I had a
cable made from the 26 pin connector on the card to
a female DB25 connector. I recently tried to
connect a IOMega Zip drive to the connector and my
Amiga locks up, the mouse pointer reverts to
non-lace resolution (I have an A2000 and run Nico
Francois' LacePointer) and the SCSI LED of the
HardFrame stays on all the time. As soon as I
disconnect the Zip cable everything resumes there
it stopped. I tried with and without the
terminators on the card and neither way worked.

Please respond by e-mail since I don't follow this
newsgroup regularly.

/Mats-Olov Rustad

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