UK auctions of various items including many ST items and a few amiga items.

UK auctions of various items including many ST items and a few amiga items.

Post by Martin Wilso » Mon, 08 Oct 2001 01:58:32

Many items not currently listed so if your interested check back over
the next few days. Always interested in swops too.


1. Amiga Systems, parts, video items, dtp items

The following items are for sale. Items listed here work perfectly
unless otherwise noted.
All items will be shipped ups cod.


16 megs fast ram 2 meg chip
1 gig scsi hard drive
4x scsi cdrom
1 hd 3.5 floppy
5 zorro 3 slots
4 pc
1 video
1 cpu

Expansion Cards...

PP&S Z3 pro ram with 8 megs expandable to 64

Alfa Data speed ide cdrom/ hard drive controller with 2x mitsumi cdrom
drive. Half size zorro 2 card. comes with all software

2 meg micron memory card for A2000

A3630 25 mghtz 030 card for the a4000. Has socket for fpu.

Video Items...

PAR personal anim recorder with 1.7 gig hard drive

 resolution with interlace.Used as a toaster monitor for 6 months
selling because I've got a
 timm 20" rgb monitor

1950 monitor. This monitor is damaged, it will display an image fine
for about five minutes
then knonk out. If you know how to fix it let me know what has to be
done to get it up and
running otherwise it can be yours for..

Neriki Desktop genlock NTSC, bnc video in and out, Rgb cable, fader
knob and switches. Pro
 unit used wiedly before the toaster became so popular.


Video Toaster 4.1 2ca cd and floppy installation kit from Newtek. Comes
with cd floppy
updated instructions, (all the info on the printed material is also on
the cd). Great if
you're a toaster owner without the flyer that wants the benefit of 4.X
toaster sfotware
and lightwave 4.0 for toaster.

MACLITE Utilites Unlimited

Use the mac on your Ami. All you need is a rom image and some patience.
Worked great on my
A4000 with 64 megs and cybervision3d64. About as fast as a fast Quadra.

Other Items...

kxp 4400 laser printer, side tray loading mechanism, 300 dpi 4ppm works
with amiga using the
wb2.0/3.0/3.1  hp laser driver.

Apple Newtom 100, with 2 meg card, Mac hookup kit and software. OS 1.3

Microtek Scan maker IIHr with transparency adapter check microteks web
site for details on
model. Never used on AMIGA, just MAC.

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