BADGE meetings and FEES, etc. (was: Re: FUTURE OF AMIGA)

BADGE meetings and FEES, etc. (was: Re: FUTURE OF AMIGA)

Post by Thaddeus P. Flory » Sat, 08 Feb 1992 21:03:26

>>Well, you should have volunteered to talk about it in front of BADGE.
>>*I* would have appreciated that, even if no one else would.

>For the record, I did volunteer.  Thad informed me that Badge was no more :(
>That was many moons ago.

>In addition, I volunteered to give a talk on any of the new Release 2
>libraries that you wanted, except for iff.library, which I have yet to
>get the Zen of :).  I just asked for a month to prepare for such a discussion.

>Perhaps you did not receive that e-mail?

I still have the email correspondence in a file (on PORTAL; I'm logged-into
BTR this instant), but I recall stating (paraphrased) the meetings are in a
state of suspense.

BADGE's first meetings were at SRI-International.  Then several locations on
the Stanford University campus, three meetings at Foothill College (in Los
Altos Hills CA), followed by its last siting at Stanford Linear Accelerator
Center's (SLAC) Main Auditiorium.

The meetings were held at SLAC for a few years up to July 1991, then the
August meeting was held at HT Electronics due to SLAC's "Summer Institute"
having first dibs on the auditorium that month.  No meetings since then.

Two posts for help elicited only 4 responses, then I got hit with a bill from
SLAC for some $53 which, until paid, precluded additional use of SLAC's
facilities. [ The bill is for calibration/setup of that FANTASTIC projection
TV system in SLAC's Main auditorium.]

About a year earlier, a collection was taken-up among the attendees to cover
the expected bill, with $5 or $10 collected from each attendee to be placed
in an "as needed" fund.  SO where is the money now?

The present bill is:

        Cost Account 71-701, "BAY AREA AMIGA DEVELOPERS"
        Dated October 31, 1990
        Reference LTR 02/02/90
        Customer number: 00160
        Amount due: $53.70

        Terms: Net 30
        Remit to: SLAC; PO Box 4349; Stanford CA 94309-4349

        Questions to: Cindy Imelli, Accounts Receivable
        Phone; 415/926-4243
        Mail bin 6
        FAX number: 415/926-4999

That letter "02/02/90" is more than a year BEFORE I started scheduling
BADGE activities (which was 22-Feb-1991) and occurred during the reigns of
either Chuck McManis or Mike Meyer.

the one.

Willy Langeveld (at SLAC) and I both recall the collection having occurred! :-)

So at this point "someone" has the money.  BADGE never had dues or any such
"real" accountability.

I cannot afford to pay that bill, so I suspect the next step is that SLAC
will use the data from the insurance waivers we all signed to slap some
liens on everyone's property (meaning: no renewals of driver's licenses,
car registrations, whatever, etc. [ who knows? ] :-).

So, that bill needs to be paid.  Suggestions via email would be appreciated.

Once that issue is cleared-up, BADGE would again be welcome at SLAC.

And, note, due to the constant difficulty securing speakers, perhaps a
_monthly_ meeting is not required; perhaps every 2 months, or whenever there
IS some interesting topic(s) of interest to Amiga developers.

I still have on file both Dave's and Pete Goodeve's offers to talk.  Mike
Smithwick also offered to talk about some of the internals of Distant Suns.
I can "do" some hardware sessions along with help from Jon Bergstrom of
HT Electronics.

BADGE's last meeting featured Bob Rethemeyer discussing the BTNtape handler,
HT demo'ing some of their CD-ROM assemblies, and Dale Luck showing off some
neato stuff with Amiga-X in color.

Thus, I don't really see BADGE as being "dead" (yet).

But past debts need to be settled AND, as Mike Meyer mentioned in a just-prior
post, more help from other attendees is needed.  It takes a certain amount of
time to schedule and line up participants, mail and/or FAX press-releases,
coordinate meeting facilities (video setup, securing property and entrance
passes, etc.).  All of the prior BADGE organizers (L. Brett Glass, Tom Rokicki,
Gary Starkweather, Chuck McManis, Mike Meyer, and myself), have done this on
our own time and out of our own pockets for love of the Amiga.

Perhaps BADGE should become a dues-paying organization with better
accountability for its actions, rather than the "laid back" organization
it's been since its founding in early 1986 by Brett.

We have (had) a good deal with SLAC since all insurance liabilities were
assumed by SLAC as part of their Public Relations Office PR efforts; other
user/developer groups (for ALL systems) are constantly getting hassled by
these matters since it seems we're a litigious society; I'm struggling right
now with Bob Allen (head of AT&T) and NCR re: the Silicon Valley UNIX Users'
Group though it looks like we've just gotten renewal and a pledge of free
food and drinks for our meetings (all fingers crossed; knock on wood) AND
the ability to continue our meetings on AT&T property (re: insurance).

Even Sun's User Group, which used to meet all day, now is only a half-day,
and they cut back on food to serving only a sandwich for lunch.

Hey, we ARE in a recession, y'know.

Quote:>>There are still several active Amiga groups in the SF Bay area. FAUG,
>>AAA and the Amiga Exchange that I know of. There are probably more,
>>if you look for them.

TOGA (The Other Group of Amigoids) also exists in Silicon Valley; this appears
to be a hands-on user group meeting at various public libraries.

In any event ...

It'd be a damn shame for BADGE to truly cease to exist; any/all comments to
help revive it and offers to help-out would be appreciated.


1. BADGE Speaker Announced for June 1991 meeting

The "To Be Announced" speaker at the June 20 BADGE meeting (meeting noticed
posted 4 days ago) is:

        Leo Schwab discussing "CDTV Internals: The Software"

Clearance HAS been granted by Commodore for this presentation.

If anyone has a "portable" stereo amplifier system they can bring, please do
so; I don't believe the sound from my Commodore A10 system will extend beyond
the first row.  An EXCELLENT video projection system already is in place in
the auditorium.

Recap of directions posted June 15:

BADGE (Bay Area Amiga Developers' GroupE) will host its June 1991 meeting
at 7:30 PM in the SLAC Main Auditorium, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park (just
north (logical east) of I-280) on Thursday, June 20, 1991.  Admission is free.
Everyone is welcome to attend although the meetings are oriented to the Amiga
developer community.

Identify yourself at SLAC's guard booth as a BADGE attendee and park in the
visitors' lot to the right, then walk across the driveway to the Auditorium.

        work: +1 (408) 985-7100 (M-F 11a-7p PDT), or
        home: +1 (415) 961-5157 (M-F  9p-2a PDT, and weekends)

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