Need Graphics Card Advice

Need Graphics Card Advice

Post by James Campbel » Wed, 17 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I'm in the market for purchasing a graphics card at long last for my A2000 and I
was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions, good or bad, about the various cards out there.

Most specifically I've been looking at the Picasso II, *vision and
Opalvision boards and also I've seen some fairly inexpensive RetinaZ2 boards.

Which of these is the best for the money and why??
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Need Graphics Card Advice

Post by John Si » Wed, 24 Dec 1997 04:00:00

 I would suggest the PicassoII if you can find one. I have one that spent a year
in a 2000 & is presently in my 3000T system. It works flawlessly & has a
passthrough. With P96 software just about everything will promote nicely.
 The exception is games & true brillance which won't work. Quite a few
 recent games now can use the graphic cards & as much as I hate to say
 this MUI apps promote very nicely.


1. Need Advice: Good and cheap Z3 graphics card?

What is a good value graphics card for my A3000? I want a Z3 to make use of
the extra bandwidth. Are the Cirrus Logic Chipset cards any good? I haven't
got 3.1 ROM yet, although it is on the way. I have heard that it supports
video cards like picassoII, etc. Now I guess lots of people will say "Get a
Cybervision64" - these are pretty expensive...

An important factor is that it must be useable with NetBSD - I guess this
cuts down alot of cards. According to the NetBSD 1.1 FAQ (i heard 1.2 is
out - gotta have a look at it) the following are supported:
          + Retina Z2 and Retina Z3.
          + Picasso II.
          + GVP Spectrum.
          + Piccolo.
          + A2410.
          + CyberVision 64.
So I guess I would like opinions on these. The GVP has my eye as this seems
to be cheapish, Z3 and NetBSD compatiable... Any Advice?
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