Amiga 2000 & Misc. Forsale

Amiga 2000 & Misc. Forsale

Post by John L » Sun, 23 Feb 1992 09:45:38

        Alas, the time has come to part with my trusty A2000 since it
hasn't gotten much use after I purchased an A3000.

For Sale:
Amiga 2000, keyboard, mouse, 3.5" floppy drive          $1000
        1 MB chip memory, 1 MB Agnus, 1.3 ROM,
        1.3 system software

(2) 2MB Micron RAM Expansion (4 MB total)               $ 175 (for both)

2nd Internal Floppy Drive                               $  40

Hardframe DMA SCSI controller                           $ 100

Rodime SCSI hard disk, 5.25" HH, 180 Mb unformatted     $ 450
        Rated by Diskspeed 2.0 at ~620 Kb/s reads with
        the above Hardframe controller on the A2000,
        ~830 Kb/s reads on an A3000.

        Package Price                                ** $1500 **

SmartCat 300/1200 Modem (DOES NOT use Hayes command set)$  20

Centronics 122 Graphics printer w/6 ribbons             $  50
        Wide carriage, tractor or friction feed,
        built like a tank!

Prices are negotiable.  Buyer pays shipping, COD.  Everything is in good
working order as of this posting, but to avoid future difficulty I am
selling everything AS IS.  If you wish, you are more than welcome to
arrange for a meeting to see and try the equipment before purchasing.

                 during the day at (310) 334-7665 and
                 at night (PST) at (310) 674-3388.

The crew faces deadly GURUs!  Next time on AmigaDOS: The Next Generation.
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