FS/Trade [US]: 3.1 A500, HD system, AdSpeed, FFV, HAM-E, Amigen

FS/Trade [US]: 3.1 A500, HD system, AdSpeed, FFV, HAM-E, Amigen

Post by Lonnie E. McClu » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

The fellow who was going to trade for the first three items was
having a problem getting ahold of a friend to get back the item he
was going to trade me, and did not want to hold me up any longer, so
my A500 system is up for trade again. Purchase offers will also be
considered. For assistance in helping you determine what I would
trade each item for, an estimated cash value is listed.


        * A500 with 1 megabyte of chip RAM, Super (ECS) Denise chip,
          and 3.1 ROM and original disks (no manual).
          ESTIMATED VALUE: $90
          [NOTE TO A2000 owners: this ROM will fit your machine.
           Install you old one in the A500 and resell it, or use it
           for spare parts. If your A2000 still has an OCS Denise,
           swap that as well].

        * Roctec RocHard SCSI/IDE hard drive subsystem, with 200meg
          IDE HD and 8 megabytes of RAM installed. Cosmetically
          well matched to the A500 (similar in appearance to the
          GVP units). Comes with its own power supply that switches
          on automatically when your turn on your A500.
          ESTIMATED VALUE: $150 (or $120 without HD)
          [NOTE: The one con I about the Roctec is that I have not
           found any CD-ROM file system that works properly with
           its SCSI interface].

        * ICD AdSpeed accelerator
          ESTIMATED VALUE: $40

        * ICD Flicker Free Video. Fits under the Denise chip of
          any A500 or A2000 and provides de-interlaced, VGA-compatible
          output. Included cable has DB-9 output that matches NEC
          Multisync pinout; would need adapter or new cable to
          attach directly to standard VGA/SVGA monitor.
          ESTIMATED VALUE: $50

        * HAM-E. Large external box that attaches to the DB-23
          video port of any Amiga, and provides a 256 color and
          HAM8 type low resolution modes. According to the manual,
          the output supports attachment of a genlock, but I never
          got around to testing this. RGB output (unlike DCTV).
          Includes its own power supply (does not draw power from
          the Amiga). Includes paint and image processing software.
          Image FX (at least the v1.5 I have, and surely any later
          version) supports this.
          ESTIMATED VALUE: $40

        * Amigen Genlock. Small consumer-level genlock, with
          composite input and output, and DB-9 output for RGB.
          ESTIMATED VALUE: $40



There is a lot of stuff here, as I have many different computers to
support, so if you have something you think I might be interested in,
but don't see it listed, just ask. The worst I can say is "not
interested". <grin>


        * GVP G-Lock
        * DataFlyer SCSI+ or Surf Squirrel
        * Hypercomm3/Eyetech Port Plus
        * Buffered 4-device IDE interface for A1200
        * 3-button mouse (i.e., Swifty, Wizard, Golden Image)
        * A1200 PCMCIA-friendly accelerator (except GVP)
          [Yes, I know, this one is a long shot]

        GENERAL COMPUTER ITEMS (Monitors, drives, printers,etc.)

        * 4x or faster EIDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drive
        * NEC Multisync 3D monitor
        * SVGA monitor (capable of 1024x768NI minimum)
        * 2.5" IDE hard drive (200meg min., 340meg or larger preferred)
          [verification of proper function with an A1200 is a plus]
        * 3.5" IDE hard drive (1.2gig minimum)
        * SCSI ZIP drive (external)
        * Syquest SCSI EZ-135 or Flyer 230.
        * Jaz Drive (internal)
        * PD drive
        * 4-color inkjet printer (Canon or Epson preferred)
        * Panasonic KX-P5400 laser printer
        * Brother HL-660 laser printer
        * External TV-to-VGA box (i.e., ProView, AVerTV Genie,
          Instant TV)


        * 486 VL-bus motherboard (must support 3.3v [DX4] CPU)
        * AMD 5x86-133 CPU
        * 2 megabyte VL-bus SVGA card
        * Snappy 2.0
        * Iomega Ditto internal tape drive
        * Travan-3 internal tape drive
        * Digital camera (i.e, Kodak DC-20, Epson PhotoPC)
        * Win95 SR2 CD
        * Corel Lumiere


        * RAMLink
        * FD-2000
        * JiffyDOS (v6.0) for C-128, 1571, and/or 1581


        * 4 megabyte memory board (DMA compatible)
        * Zip GS
        * RAMFast or Apple hi-speed SCSI board


        * 72-pin SIMM memory expansion board for Falcon030 (with
          or without RAM) or original Atari 16-meg board
        * Nemesis board
        * NVDI 4
        * Outburst 3.x


Once again, these are not the only items I will consider in trade
for the Amiga items I listed, just the only ones I have thought of.

All replies via e-mail, please.