WTB: Zorro II/III Ram Card SIMM sockets

WTB: Zorro II/III Ram Card SIMM sockets

Post by V'Ali Fo » Wed, 27 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am in the market for a ram card that is

        o       Zorro II/III compat.
        o       Accepts 30 pin SIMMS any config.
        o       doesn't include an accelerator (less $$$)

E-mail me if you have something that will fit these specs.


1. Zorro II RAM in Zorro III Amigas

Hi everyone!

I've got an 25MHz A3000 which contains, amongst other things, a fully
populated Microbotics 8-Up RAM card designed for use in the 2000. This works
fine, as I'm more concerned about amount of memory than speed and I can't
afford more 32bit RAM.

I now have the chance to buy yet another Zorro II RAM card (a SupraRam 2000
populated to 4Mb this time) very cheap. The problem is that I know the 2000
is not capable of taking more than 8Mb of AutoConfig RAM, so would I have a
problem in my 3000 with 12Mb on cards designed for the 2000?


--- Spot 1.3 #949


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