FS: A2000HD 2 Megs Ram

FS: A2000HD 2 Megs Ram

Post by Classic Computing In » Fri, 24 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Amiga 2000HD ForSale
2091 SCSI Controller
100 Meg Harddrive
1 Meg Fast Ram
1 Meg Chip Ram
Kickstart 2.04
Keyboard, mouse
AmigaVision Software
misc software


$300.00 shipped  to your door!

Classic Computing Inc.


1. A2000hd 030/882@33mhz 200megs scsi with 9.5 megs ram

Also has AmaxII software,
IVS scsi PRO TRUMPCARD with 6megs extra paral. port 200 meg scsi (seagate)
mega midgit racer- 2mges 32 bit fr
030 &882(50mhz) clocked at 33mhz
1 880k int. drive
a c=2320 video display enhancer makes video vga and removes flicker!
Has plenty of software, most is PD some commercial.
asking 900$ I pay shipping you pay cod
best offer wins!
Joe isaac

would consider a trade for a dx66mhz ibm with at least 4megs and a hdd
no floppy nec. no video nec. no sound nec.
also would consider video card like retinaz3,merlin,picasso etc.

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