FS: Loaded Amiga 3000 System

FS: Loaded Amiga 3000 System

Post by Mik » Fri, 05 Apr 1996 04:00:00

***************** AMIGA WORKSTATION FOR SALE ******************
******************** HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE ********************
********************* $1500 or Best Offer *********************
(much prefer to sell as a unit, but will separate if CPU sells)

***** HARDWARE ****

Amiga 3000: 25 MHz 68030, 68882, 18 Mbytes RAM (2 chip/16 fast(1Mx4 SCZIP))
        150 Mbytes of internal Hard Drive space (Quantum 50 & 100)
        internal HD floppy drive (and extra LD floppy drive)
        latest (-08) version WD SCSI chip installed
        softkicked KS/WB 3.1 (Kickstart 40.62, Workbench 40.43)
        Brand new power supply! (Put in myself.) Should last a long time!

Merlin 24-bit, 4 Mbytes VRAM graphics card (very fast!)
        ProBench WB emulator and 24-bit PIP viewer on WB!
        (emulator works great with any "properly written" program)

C= Amiga 1950 Monitor (works flawlessly with Merlin)

External SCSI tape drive
        250 Mbytes per cartridge (uncompressed)
        handy DC600 carts (cassette-tape size)

Panasonic KX-P1080 Dot Matrix Printer

****** SOFTWARE *******

PageStream DTP (Best on the Amiga!)
        v3.0 & mainstay version 2.22 installed--very stable/great interface
        over 100 PostScript fonts installed and working
        great for color-seps, special layouts, etc.

TurboCalc Spread Sheet (Again, best on the Amiga, IMHO :-)
        version 2.22E (works with Merlin modes)
        import Excel, SYLK; many features!

Quarterback 5.0 Disk Back-up Utility
        easy to use; works great with tape drive above

Platinum Scribble Word Processor
        good, basic workhorse
        easy, quick to learn and use

DPaint IV Paint Program
        Many features but easy to learn

MultiPlot XLNf Data Plotting Package
        Easy to use, excellent for plotting
        multiple or large data sets
        many options for styles/output
        excellent manual and interface

AmiTCP TCP/IP Networking Software
        latest shareware version 4.0demo
        easily configured for PPP/SLIP or EtherNet

AMosaic WWW Browser
        latest version 2.0pre3
        inline GIFs/JPGs work well with WB 3.1

IBrowse and AWeb Browsers
        Latest versions installed and working

GarshneBlanker Screen Blanker Program
        version 38.8 installed with many modules
        "groovy modular screen blanker"

Best of AmiNet
        Such wonderful programs as Toolmanager, NewIcons, ViewTek,
        DiskSalv2, ReOrg, Vim (editor), PrintManager, SnoopDOS, EqED,
        VLT, VMM (Virtual Memory Manager), GfxCon, MUI 3, etc., etc.
        All installed and working perfectly!

All the latest DataTypes for MultiView (and other programs) installed!

******** Sure hate to see my baby go! ************
(But my work requires me to switch platforms :-( )

*********** $1500 or Best Offer ***************
(I have considerably more $$$ than this in it!)

Call or send e-mail with questions or offers.


1. Amiga 3000 system loaded *Excellent Cond.*

Amiga 3000 system loaded with software:


Amiga 3000 25MHz with 16MB RAM
Rev 9.03 motherboard with upgraded Buster 11 chip, battery removed
Kickstart 1.3/3.1 included
Internal high density and low density floppy drives
Cybervision 64 4MB Zorro 3 graphics card
A2065 10-base2 Ethernet card with approx. 10 ft. coax cable
1 Gig Quantum SCSI-II hard drive
12x external SCSI CD-ROM
USR external 14.4 modem with serial cable
2 Wizard high-res mice (black)
2 normal Amiga mice and some joysticks
External amplified speakers
Standard A3000 keyboard
System Boots 1.3/2.x/3.x

Software Applications:

ADPro 2.5
AmiTCP 4.3
AmFTP 1.90
AmTelnet 1.8
AmigaOS 1.3 / 3.1 / 3.5 (on CD)
ArtEffect 3.0
AsimCDFS 3.10
Aweb 3.3
CrossDOS 7
CygnusEd 4.2
DFA 2.1
DirOPUS 4.22 / 5.5
DiskSalv 4
Distant Suns 5
DPaint 4 / 5
DrawStudio 2.0
FinalWriter 97
Final Calc
Fusion 3.0
IBrowse 2.2
ImageFX 4.0
MUI 3.8
MagicWB 2.1
NetConnect 3
Professional File System 3
PageStream 3.1
Pixel3D Pro
Pixmate 1.0
Quarterback 5.0
PPaint 7.1
SAS/C 6.50
StormC 3.0
TurboCalc 5
Clipart disks, softfonts, etc.


Alien Breed
Alien Breed - Tower Assault
Arcade Pool
Beneath a Steel Sky
Bills Tomato Game
Brian the Lion
Bubble & Squeak
Cannon Fodder
Chaos Engine
Chuck Rock 1 / 2
Cruise for a Corpse
Deluxe Galaga
Double Dragon
Eye of the Beholder 1 / 2
Fantasy World Dizzy
Great Giana Sisters
Leaderboard Golf
Life and Death
Magic Land Dizzy
Mean18 Golf
Megaball 4
Monkey Island 2
North and South
Out of this World
Prince of Persia
Populus 2
Risky Woods
Rocket Ranger
Sex Olympics
Shadow of the Beast 3
Simon the Sorceror
Speedball 2
Super Cars
Treasure Island Dizzy
Turrican 1 / 2
Xenon 1 / 2
Zool 1 / 2


Final Odyssey (CDTV game)
Emerald Mines (CDTV game)
Aminet 9, 10, 11, 12
Amiga Format 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16, 18, 30
AGA Experience
Pandora's CD
Cu Amiga Vol. 4
Phase 2 clipart


Tons of disks with games, clipart, fonts, etc.  There's too many to
mention.  About 150 disks

This system is in excellent physical and running condition.

Price $485.00 firm Continental US (shipping included continental US
only. I won't split this system up, its all or nothing.

I purchased this system a while back and do not have the time to use.

Many of the software tiles have no manuals and that is how I received

Much of the software is backed up on a CD-Rom disk.

Method of Payment: Paypal.com or Money Order   NO COD


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