Trumpcard W a4000....Advice Wanted!

Trumpcard W a4000....Advice Wanted!

Post by John Warre » Sun, 23 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I have a trumpcard (v 3.1) with autoboot ROM (v 4.9), and format utilites
disk (v 2.1B) which I obtained for free and wish to place into my A4000.  
The directions cover all models of Amiga through  A3000.

I don't need it to autoboot (my IDE does that), I just want it to hook up
to my external zip drive and CD-Rom.  I haven't put it in yet because I
would like the answers to the following questions:

Do I set the jumper BOOT to 1.3 or 1.2? (remember, I just need it to
mount, not autoboot.  Does your answer change if I want to simulate a CD32?)

What is the jumper labled int2 int6 do?  ( It isn't explained in the
manuals...the jumper came set to int2)

There are two plugs...j601 and the smaller j602...what are they for?
(yes, I know what one of them is for!)

Why are there blocks labled Terminators on the card?

I assume that I can ignore the instruction to do a low level format (for
my zip drive), right?  

Upon bootup, How does my A4000 address the IDE and SCSI interphase?  The IDE

How does the A4000 differentiate between Trumpcard SCSI and the WB 3.1 IDE
driver (called 'scsi')?

How does the hardware/software work with my Zip/Jaz tools?  

Is the order of operation 1)install card 2) use trumpcard utilities  
disk, then 3) use zip/jaz tools?

Or do I use zip/jaz tools before using the utilities disk?  

Given that I have WB 3.1, Do I even USE the trumpcard utilities disk?

Any help, or comments, especially from someonw who has already setup any
trumpcard in their own A4000 would be greatly appreciated.