Need info on CBM's installer program

Need info on CBM's installer program

Post by Donald R Llo » Wed, 20 May 1992 00:36:35

     Can anyone supply me with any information on CBM's Installer program?

     Is it freely distributable?  I'd like to include an Installer-based
install script with a shareware product I'm working on.  I already have
the executable (from several recent commercial purchases where it's been
included) but would like to know the legality of distributing it.

     Where can I find documentation for it?  I've been able to "reverse
engineer" some of its functionality by looking at the scripts that installed
ADPro 2.1 and HotLinks, but a full set of docs would be nice.


Need info on CBM's installer program

Post by Fabbian G. Dufoe, I » Thu, 21 May 1992 08:27:05

   The March/April 1992 issue of "Amiga Mail News" had an article on
Installer.  It said

      Installer is [a] hard disk installation utility written by David
   Joiner.  It offers three user-selectable modes of installation: Novice,
   Intermediate, and Expert.  In novice mode, the installation script
   handles making any installation decisions.  The Intermediate and Expert
   modes allow the user different degrees of control over the installation.
   Installer uses a Lisp-like scripting language.


      Currently, the latest versions of Installer and AmigaGuide are only
   available through Commodore's closed electronic developer conferences.
   At a later date, we plan to create release disks for these products and
   make them available on disk and to non-registered developers.

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     I've seen a number of recent applications that make use of CBM's new
installer program, and would like to include it with a shareware project
I'm gradually working on.  Where can I obtain docs for writing my own
install script?  Is the installer freely redistributable?

     Along the same lines... when are non-developers going to be able to
get a look at AmigaGuide?

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