Bill Gates uses an Am

Bill Gates uses an Am

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1. Bill gates uses Amiga at home

Bill Gates uses an Amiga 4000T at home.
What a scandal, seeing as he is such legendary man in the computer world.
Apparantly he is learning Amiga OS fast but it is all a bit confusing as
the multithread multitasking bit actually works unlike the MS variety.

Bill also cannot understand how an operating system so efficient can fit on
only four floppy disks. MS is investigating as an operating system such as
this would be great as he could sell the four floppies at the same price as
the Win95 cd and make even more profit.

Apparantly MS hit a snag when the said floppy disks failed to load on his
PC, but a PC floppy disks loaded OK on the Amiga. MS is working on a patch
right now and should be available for Win95 around the same time as Win98
is released. A Win98 patch will be available in the summer of 2001.

Bill also wants to add the "multiple floppy copy" to Win98 which he
discovered on his Amiga. He found that being able to format three floppy
disks on his Amiga at the SAME time was a great feature which would really
speed up his productivity.
Unfortunately IBM has said that such a feature would not work because the
hardware doesn't support it. MS will release a hardware patch in the form
of a A4000 motherboard and support peripherals to accomadate such a

Further admissions will be posted to this board as they materialize.
Goodbye for now,

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