TECH & REF Manulas Available

TECH & REF Manulas Available

Post by Michael James » Thu, 15 Jan 1998 04:00:00

If you live in the Washington State area and are willing to pick them up I
have 100 or so technical manuals for various C= products.  Included are
tech. and Ref. manuals for A500, A2000, A3000, various memory and display
boards, various printers and monitors, C64 disk drives, several Colt PC
models, and a whole lot more I can't even remember.

Want 'em?  2 bux each (take 'em all for 50 bux) and YOU PICK 'EM UP.
Shipping these puppies would cost a small fortune :)

This is a C= techies dream!

Why would I get rid of 'em?  I'm out of the Amiga arena FOR GOOD!


Michael Jameson
(360) 385-9673


1. tech ref manuals wanted pref in UK

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Does anyone have / know where to obtain a copy of the A4000/A1200/ or even A600
technical reference manuals??

If anyone has one please email me, I've a couple of questions!!

Thanks, Tristan

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