Postscript File Print

Postscript File Print

Post by scapr.. » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

 Ie> I'm wondering if there are any "printer drivers" which output postscrpt
 Ie> files.  I would like to print some things out on the laser printer at my
 Ie> office and    
 Ie> something like this would be very handy to have.

There's a standard preferences postscript driver, just redirect its output
to a file with 'CMD'.
I bet you'd do better with the LaserJet driver (if it's a HP :)

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1. Postscript printing problems

I tried using the Lila program last night to generate a postscript output
file from a simple text file.  It worked fine and generated a file that
looked like wonderful postscript.

I then copied the file to an MS-DOS disk using CrossDOS (no filtering or
anything) and brought it to a PC.  From there I copied the file directly to
a postscript printer.

The printer light blinked for a little while and then stopped, nothing
printed at all...

I have done this with Publisher Plus also (it has a postscript >> disk
option) and have had the same results - nothing ever seems to print.

Are all these programs generating postscript code which is incompatable
with Apple LaserWriter II's, PSJet's and NEC LC890's?  I have not yet tried
these files with the HP LaserJet III with an Adobe postscript cartridge,
but I can't see it working there either...

Do I need to use filtering to convert the LF's to CR/LF's before sending
the stuff to the PC?  Does anyone have any ideas at all?

Thanks for any help!!
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