Frontier Newbie needs mon

Frontier Newbie needs mon

Post by Peter Pild » Fri, 22 Apr 1994 09:33:25


There is a cheat with in the game................if you dont wish to
now the cheat don't continue

when you happen to have a traveller on board sell your space ship and
you can make heaps of money as you can't sell your space ship whilst
you have people on board. It is not the best way to play the game, but
if you get stuck it can help..





 > > I just purchased Frontier yesterday, and I have played it for many
 > hours
 > > now.  Are there any quicker ways to get money?  I think that I
 > have  
 > > exahuasted the possiblities of tradeing meat to Bayard system.  
 > :-)
 > >
 > > I have only made about $3000 in the time I have been playing.  If
 > that
 > > is normal, let me know.  BTW, it is April 24 3200 by the
 > starclock.
 > >
 > > Any hints would be appreciated,
 > >
 > > -Henry

Forget trading etc ... at least for a while - the easiestcheat I've seen for
the game was in the january amiga power ... not really a cheat - just bug

Select the Lave system as your starting point, go to 'upgrades', and buy some
extra passanger cabins.  Go to the bulletin board, and select a passenger
mission to a nearby star.

When you have at least one passenger, go back to upgrades, and sell everything
save your drive.  Then go to New and Reconditioned Ships, and attempt to buy a
ship that will give you extra cash for trade-in [ie - with a minus sign in
front of the price.  

A bug rises - you can't sell your ship with passengers present, but you'll
still be paid the extra cash.  Keep doing this until you've got as much cash as
you want - over 1 million credits is advisable.  Buy as many upgrades as your
Cobra III can carry, complete the transport mission, and you're kickin' ass.
The bet ships are around the Sol system - 'northeast' of Lave on the map [I
think - is the Panther Clipper the best?].  

's easy ...

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