Misc Amiga hardware forsale

Misc Amiga hardware forsale

Post by tray.. » Wed, 13 Apr 1994 09:52:08


2-- Amiga 500 RF adapters.  One from Creative Microsystems, the other, a
'classic' C= (A520?)

1-- 2400 baud external modem.

1--Xetec 4 Meg memory+board for Xetec SCSI adapter for Amiga 500.

1--Pheonix external expansion box for Amiga 500.  Holds two Zorro II
cards.  No power supply, but appears to work in 'pass-through' mode.
Your 500 has to have a strong power supply (like Bigfoot).

Make offers.
                                -Mike Traynor

(Disclaimer: How could I speak for Fermilab???)

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Misc Amiga hardware forsale

Post by Paul_-_Grisw.. » Thu, 14 Apr 1994 02:09:03

I have Imagine 2.0 along with Understanding Imagine by Steve Worley.

MAKE AN OFFER!  I'll even through in Surface Master with it.  I have moved
to LW and have no use for Imagine anymore.

Please don't email me with an offer like... huh, huh, huh, I'll give ya $5
for it!  I know what I paid for it!  Just make a reasonable offer and its
all yours and you can go and conquer the Earth!


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1. FORSALE:Misc Amiga Hardware

Mimentics Framebuffer, Zorro II 24 bit composite display board
 with real time capture option, $200

DKB MultiStart II for A2000 and rev 5 A500, $25

(2) CMI Multiport Board, Parallel, Serial, Mac serial,
 Zorro II, $60 each

Qix game, new, never opened, $7

68030 CPU, PGA, 25mhz EC, $40

68881 mathco, PGA, 16mhz with crystal, $20

CMI Video interface for A2000, $40

CMI Processor accelerator, 14mhz 68000 for A2000 only, $50
 Doesn't work with A2091 or Bridgeboard

Monitor switch box, 2 CPUs (D23 pin) -> 1 monitor (6 pin DIN), $40

Cable, Parallel for A1000, $10

A1020 5.25" external floppy disk drive for Amiga, $60

20 megabyte harddrive, WD XT IDE, for A590 or A2091, $50

Service manuals:
        C= MPS 1230 printer     $15
        C= 2300 genlock         $20

AmigaDOS 1.3 with KS 1.3 ROM, $12

Ultima 5 for Atari ST, new, unopened, $12

Prices DO NOT include shipping charges.

OFFERS and trades considered, looking for:

A500 case, Bridge 6.0, CDTV, '040 for A3000, 2065, 2024,
2024 Service Manual, Miracle Piano, Floptical, PhonePak,
Draw4D, Pro, or Aladdin, GPFax, Scala, Gravis Mousestick,
IBM compatable laptop, MIDI interface, 1x4 SC ZIP RAM,
VR Studio, PageStream 2.2, CanDo 2.x, ImageF/X,
ShuffleBoard, UniDirectional Mic, or ?

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