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Amiga 500 system:

   Amiga 500 w/ WorkBench 1.3, 4.5 megs of RAM, 512k/1meg chip ram toggle,
   hardwired for operation in PAL video mode - includes all cables, mouse,
   joystick, manual, et cetera

   A1011 External 880k 3.5" disk drive

   Oxxi/Aegis SoundMaster Audio Digitizer w/ AudioMaster III software

   1084S color monitor with stereo speakers and video input

   Approximately 800 disks filled with a jumble of Amiga files
   Includes: animations, Eurodemos, mods, utilities, games, partial
             archive of Amiga files on Magnetic Bottle BBS, pix,
             terminal programs, graphics programs, and just about
             anything else you can imagine.

   Commercial games: Space Ace, Escape from Singe's Castle, Treasure Trap,
                      Terrorpods, Hoverforce, War in Middle Earth, Spirit
                      of Excalibur, Weird Dreams, Monty Python's Flying
                      Circus, others.

   Suncom TAC-2 joystick, mouse pad, cases for diskettes, 40 blank DS/DD
   diskettes included.

Asking: $700, willing to negotiate.  Might trade for good car audio CD system.
                                     (*System*, not just head unit!)

between 8am and 6pm, 814-353-9069 after 6pm.


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1. Forsale: 512K+clock card for A500 forsale $25

 I have an an almost brand new 512K/clock card for Amiga 500 forsale.
 I still have the original box, manual, and switch for it.
 Like always, if you're not satisfied with it I'll refund your money
 Asking $25 + shipping.


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