Commands for gvpscsictrl?

Commands for gvpscsictrl?

Post by Michael K. Neyl » Tue, 03 May 1994 23:07:40

Could someone send me a list of the available commands for gvpscsictrl?
I have momentarily lost my small booklet that came with the a500-hd+.
Furthermore, I don't think that this booklet listed any commands besides
one or two for bug-fixing purposes, and the faaast-prep disk did not have
additional documentation for this.

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1. GVPSCSICTRL needed for SupraTurbo28 installation.

I'm installing SupraTurbo28 on a couple of Amigas with GVP DH/RAM
controllers. One is a 4008, another is a 500HD+.

Both SupraTurbo28 manual and GVPs tech support automated line say
the SupraTurbo28 must be started unturbo'd and GVPSCSICtrl 68KCACHE
run before activating turbo mode.

GVPSCSICtrl 1993 or later is required to do this. The version that
came with the 4008 is dated 12-Jun-1991. Sucks Huh?

Can someone please send me the latest GVPSCSICtrl? Thanks in advance.

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