NEC3D AGA help needed (att. NEC3D&1200/4000 owners)

NEC3D AGA help needed (att. NEC3D&1200/4000 owners)

Post by Mike Harlo » Mon, 21 Mar 1994 11:59:48

hihi.  Could someone provide me with some settings to maximize
use of the NEC Multisync 3d monitor with the 1200?  If I tweek
one monitor driver to work, the rest are way off.  (I like to use
DBLNTSC no flicker for workbench mode, then when I try to use Super72
or Multiscan, the monitor is thrown way off.)  When I do as some suggest,
select NTSC prefs, center the monitor controls on it, and adjust the rest
of the overscan prefs from there, modes like DblNTSC have huge unusable
borders to the left and right.  
   I just downloaded MonEd and started playing, but it's all guesswork
and looking at the modes chart in the NEC monitor manual.

suggestions?  overscan files? monitor files?  I'll take them all.

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1. NEC3D & AGA


I have an NEC3D monitor with my 4000 which although it DOES support all of the
graphic modes of AGA, some modes, such as Super72 and Multiscan:Productivity
leave ugly black borders on either side of my screen.

When I first got my setup in late 93, I remember seeing a text file about the
NEC3D and a hack that involved (from my vague memory of it) twisting two wires
together on the inside which would illeviate the problem of the black borders
allowing the full screen to be used.(ie the title stretches clear from the
left side to the right side, NOT just grey useless filler)

As my system was new at that time, I didnt want to mess with my hardware,
so I deleted the text file from my harddrive, never to see it again.
Now that my system is 2 years old, Im more than willing to take a chance
on this hack, EXCEPT, I cant find it ANYWHERE. If you have seen this
text file or know where to get it from (and i coudnt find it on aminet or
funet) or know how to do this hack, PLEASE PLEASE reply here or email to

-Much Appreciated...


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