Wanted: Gary Chip, Denise Chip, A1000 256K Ram Expander

Wanted: Gary Chip, Denise Chip, A1000 256K Ram Expander

Post by Mike R. Kra » Wed, 13 Mar 1991 03:44:19

Wanted: Old Amiga 1000 256k memory expansion board.  I realize that this
thing is old and somewhat worthless, but I need one.  

Also wanted, all custom chips.  Primarly Gary, and Denise.

Leave E-Mail, or call 314-235-8012 days.  Thanks, Mike...
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1. WANTED:256k X 4 Ram Chips

I need some chips (2 megs worth) of 265k X 4 ram chips ...for use with my
AdRam... Does anybody have some of these they would consider selling
cheaply? (Store prices are around $4 a chip) Used chips are fine...
Thanks alot
Cesar Lemus

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