FS: Major A2000 system sale (big file)

FS: Major A2000 system sale (big file)

Post by Brian Metca » Wed, 03 Apr 1996 04:00:00

THIS IS A LONG FILE... Just thought I'd warn you...

I have an Amiga 2000 system I am thinking about selling so I can buy a
power(ful) Mac.  Here's a description of mine.  I am entertaining bids,
but I will probably be a stickler about price.  Be warned.

    It will take a while to get through this... also, read my notes on
breaking the system up.

Amiga 2000 PowerHouse
Amiga 2000 System
    1MB Chip RAM
    1 laser mouse, two mechanical mice, two joysticks
    880K internal drive
    1.44MB internal drive
    Fat Agnus and Super Denise chips installed
    1084s stereo monitor (in fine physical and operating condition)
    CPU and monitor are spray painted black (good paint job)

    Microway Flicker Fixer (for use with multisync monitors)
    Multistart ROM Switcher with 1.3 and 2.0 ROMs
    82 MB Quantum SCSI-I ProDrive
    52 MB Quantum SCSI-I ProDrive
    One 730MB Quantum SCSI-II Lightning
    GigaMem virtual memory active and configurable with HD space
    Emplant Deluxe:
        IBM and Mac emulations (all ROM info included)
        software version 5.5
        includes two Apple serial/parallel ports
        SCSI-I interface (devoted to emulator)
        DOS 6.0 installed on IBM side; System 7.5 installed on Mac side
        Mac side has many PROFESSIONAL productivity/graphics packages
        Ready to go!   Ready to Network! (has been networked before)
    GVP 040/33 G-Force 040 Combo board:
        16MB 60ns 32bit SIMM onboard (expandable to 64MB)
        MC68040 running at 33MHz with FPU and MMU
        SCSI-II internal and external interfaces
        high-speed IBM/Amiga-type serial ports
        high-speed parallel port
   1084S stereo monitor with swivel stand (RGB and composite modes)
   two pairs of amplified speakers (7 watts/spkr)
   Canon BJ200 bubblejet printer
        original documentation
        extra ink cartridge and extra ink refill kit
        single/multiple sheet feeder
        quiet, reliable operation (not to mention small!)
    14.4 external fax/modem
    Perfect Sound 3.1 audio digitizer
    A520 RF modulator (for using system with your big TV)
    power switching station (fits under monitor)

Software Environment
    menu-driven startup sequence
        allows faster, more efficient booting
        user configurable
        several work environments available
        screen mode changes easily accessible
    Directory Opus V4.0 custom configured for maximum utility value
Included/Installed Software
    Text Packages
        Prowrite 3.0
        Final Copy
        Cygnus Ed Pro v2.12
    Telecommunications Packages
        JrComm 1.1
        N-Comm 2.0
        Terminus 1.921
        Term 4.2 (my favorite)
    Graphics Packages
        Art Department Pro
        Genesis (landscape rendering)
        HamLab Plus conversion utility
        Imagine 1.0 (ray tracing) (Imagine 3.0 is archived on the HD)
        LIGHTRAVE (dongle-free)
        PicBase graphics database
        DeluxePaint III and IV
        many, many utilities, viewers, etc.
        7MB graphics library, plus whatever else you may find
    Sound Packages
        AudioMaster III
        MED 3.00
        SampScan (scans disks for audio information)
        MOD file player software up the wazoo
        5MB extensive sound library
        large MOD song collection
    Games & Recreation
        Massive collection of games and demos
    More Stuff
        Dozens of Amiga magazine disks in archive on HD
        Digitized songs from CDs
        Somebody else's whole HD (archived)
        Hundreds of disks (all kinds of software)
        There is a HUGE amount of software I either haven't yet tried or didn't
          realize I had.  That's how large my library is!

    This system is the culmination of NINE years of software and hardware
collection and configuration.  There is NO doubt that you will be impressed
with the contents of the HD, not to mention the overall performance of the
whole system.  To summarize, this system has almost everything you could want
in a beefy computer.  I do wish I had a CD-ROM...

    One of the reasons why I like the system so much is that it effectively
multitasks three operating systems (Mac, Amiga, IBM) in near-perfect harmony.
Switching platforms is as simple as switching screens.  File transfers/
conversions have never been easier.
    I am really going to miss this machine.  I hope the next owner shares my
love of computer science and general enthusiasm about the architecture and
versatility of the Amiga 2000 system.

Well, that's my pitch.

Ok, system breakdown.  The monitor and CPU are going together, unless I get
strong convin$ing otherwise.  The GVP 040/33/16MB Combo card may sell WITH
the 16MB SIMM onboard, not separately.  The Emplant board may also be
separated from the system.  The ICD Flicker Fixer may be separated.  The
modem may be separated, but I'm reluctant.  The HDs may be parted out as
shown below.  If I refuse to separate some items, I can only encourage you
to buy the group and sell off what you don't need.  This is how I built the
system in the first place...  Here's a few options I had in mind:

Item / Description                                              Price
GVP 040/33/16MB FPU, MMU, ports (no HD)                         $1300
    (basically a computer on a card)

Emplant Deluxe (Mac&IBM) with software, dox, 82 & 52MB drives     400
    drives may use built-in SCSI interface
    82 MB drive contains Mac software; 52 MB drive for IBM side

Canon BJ-200 BubbleJet Printer with disk, dox, paper supply,      120
    ink refills, extra cartridge

Quantum Lightning 730MB HD with HUGE Amiga Library, including     300
    software packages listed above (like Lightrave!)

Microway FlickerFixer with disk and dox                           120

Amiga 2000 system with Fat Agnus, Super Denise,                   500
    MultiStart ROM switcher, 1084s stereo monitor, 2 joysticks,
    two mice, a laser mouse, A520 RF Modulator, Perfect Sound
    audio digitizer, power switching station, 2 pairs of stereo
    speakers, 14.4 fax/modem, 730MB HD in an external case.  Also,
    HUNDREDS of disks of software and extra cables.
    * Note: no SCSI interface included here.


Terms of Payment: I can do Cash-only COD or prepay.  On the large
    packages, I am splitting the shipping, although I would be more
    inclined to give the buyer a break if he or she prepays.
    The system is located in Connecticut... if you're in the Northeast,
    I might be able to drive it over to you.

    All offers will get responses from me and I'll do my best to
    consider them all.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

(860)-427-7484 (Connecticut)

Brian Metcalf                                 P = I * V                 o
University of Connecticut       "Without voltage, you have no potential.o
Storrs, Connecticut              Without a current, you lack in energy. o
Electrical Engineering student   Power is nothing without these things."o


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