1200 display probs

1200 display probs

Post by Tim Salaz » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 09:25:57

I've got a 1200 that sometimes, after viewing an IFF with Viewtek, the
every other scan line will be offset by 1 or 2 pixels. I can fix it by
changing the screen mode and resetting the mode back in prefs. Or fix it
by viewing IFFs again. (Sometimes I have to do it several times before
it takes.)

Screen mode Hires laced
coercion both off
mode promotion on



1. Monitor display on A-1200 and A-4000

  One of our Club members recently purchased an A-1200HD with the 1960
monitor.  I went to help her get started using it ( she was a C-64 user ).

    It really blows my mind that she has to put up with that *&^%$ black
border on the left-hand side of the monitor display.  C= REALLY screwed up
on this.. ( so what else is new? ) After paying over $1400 for this set-up
from an authorized dealer, I would scream my head off if I had to put up
with this display on a $549 monitor!

    Is there ANY way to either center the screen display or get rid of that
black border on the 1960 with the A-1200?  Any tips or help would be

      NAME: rdennison   ( Bob Dennison )

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